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professional services

At Korowai Consulting, we offer clients access to a range of services, to support their desire for for change in their lives. When life becomes overwhelming, getting the right support is critical for moving forward in life.


Available services include:

  • Counselling

    • The process of helping and supporting an individual to resolve a personal, social, mental, or emotional challenge. Counselling will offer the clarity in the storm, and enables you to be self-empowered to face your life choices.​

  • Life Coaching

    • A life coach looks to challenge and empower others by helping them make, meet, and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.​

    • Adult: $85 per session | Youth: $65 per session

  • Mentoring

    • Offers a client personal coaching, training, resources and support to move beyond their current comfort zone, and focuses on giving practical opportunities and support to face the fears that are holding you back.​

    • Adult: $85 per session | Youth: $65 per session

  • Supervision

    • Offers professionals guidance, accountability, clinical direction and support for their role in the workplace.​


So if you are feeling stuck, like you are going around in circles, or recognising the need for change in your life, give us a call for a confidential conversation about what we can offer.

With over 45 years combined experience, the team at Korowai Consulting have the experience to help you through times of difficulty.

If you have been considering seeking the support of a counsellor, life coach, or mentor to help you progress towards your personal goals, the wait is over.

We will look forward to speaking with you.